kitchen residential facility
meditation fountain residential facility

Residential Facility

bedroom residential facility

Imbibe a Yogic Lifestyle

  • $60/night: shared room
  • $85/night: private room
  • $100/night: family room
  • $40/night: dormitory room
     (up to 3 other roommates)
All housing is available on a
first-paid, first-served basis.
We welcome students from anywhere in the world to join us.
Come for a program or create your own retreat!
The first part of each course begins with a residential portion so you can receive personal feedback and guidance from our staff.  If you are from the local area, you may commute; otherwise, accommodations are available.
For programs in Cleveland Heights, Kurukshetra offers city ashram-style living. The premises are vegetarian, non-smoking, drug and alcohol free, and quiet (no TVs or other electronic entertainment) so you can unplug.
The house features a practice hall, meditation room, fully outfitted communal kitchen, meditation garden, and more.  You can share a room or book a private room for your stay.  Some parking is available or you can fly in to Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport and take the bus or rapid.
If you're looking to get away from your regular routine and immerse yourself more fully in a yogic lifestyle, you can create your own retreat when programs are not in session.  Contact us for more details on this option.
Our residential facility is within easy walking distance of the Atma Center as well as conveniently located near several marketplaces, restaurants of many different ethnicities, and cultural venues.