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the Greater Satyananda Yoga Community

India Retreats in Rikhia and Munger

The ​Wise Heart Community of Baltimore will be traveling to the Bihar School in Munger and the Satyananda ashram at Rikhia this October to study, experience ashram life, and deliver our Days for Girls Feminine Hygiene kits. As in previous trips, we will be joining Swami Karma Karuna from the Anahata Retreat Center in New Zealand.
Our trip will include the Prana Vidya and Raja Yoga courses below.
Chakra Sadhana, Oct 7 - 13 (Rikhia):
Deepen your knowledge of yoga and how the chakras influence your personality, health and mind. Chakras are energy centres in the body that regulate the circulation of energy and influence all our expressions. Experience great depth using chakra focus during asana, pranayama, meditation, theory sessions and more. Be inspired by deep insights from the Senior Swamis of Rikhia Peeth and integrate into ashram activities.
Prana Vidya, Oct 14 - 20 (Rikhia):
Prana (energy) Vidya (knowledge) is an ancient and powerful psychic practice dealing with the system of prana for healing and spiritual awakening. Experience the scientific and esoteric aspects of the subtle breath and body, including practical techniques for awakening the energetic fields. Awaken and manipulate prana consciously, develop subtle awareness to perceive and gain knowledge of the nature of prana which in turn leads to new dimensions of awareness, as well learning to direct this subtle energy for self-healing.
Raja Yoga Course, Oct 22 - 28 (Munger):
An Asana and Pranayama intensive, which focuses on the third and fourth limbs of the raja yoga system. The aim is to understand and experience the purpose of those two limbs, which prepare the student for the further stages of mind management. A wonderful opportunity to deepen your Yoga Practice.
The Raja Yoga Course is expected to fill quickly, so we will be booking our trip as soon as possible. We are currently working on obtaining pricing for this 2 course stay.
There may also be an opportunity for those wishing to attend Chakra Sadhana
(Oct 7-13) to accompany Shambhavi who will be staying for all three courses. Please let her know if you are interested in any of these travel options so that we can keep you up-to-date and notify you of registration deadlines. E-mail her directly: [email protected]
To learn more about Anahata's annual trips to India, please visit the following sites:
Website: http://anahata-retreat.org.nz/wiki/tiki-view_india-retreats.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1669506503266312/
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