Beads of Mala Donors

PATRONS ($1,000 & above)
  • Anonymous
  • Jacquie & Roger Talbott
  • Perry EH Smith (Swami Agnihotri)

CONTRIBUTORS ($500 - $999)
  • Heide Rivchun

DONORS ($100 - $499)
  • Aimee Albert
  • Albert & Karen Kirby
  • Alden Caldwell-Gaines (Sn Shambhavi)
  • Alice Jeresko
  • Ann & David Olszewski
  • Barbara Zurkinden (Sn Bhaktitara)
  • Denise Clement
  • Denise Horstman
  • Dharmendra Varma
  • Janice Cogger
  • Joel Prescott
  • Josefina Fernandez
  • Juli Edberg
  • Kalpana Mewara (Sn Purna Karma)
  • Kandy Aboud
  • Kathleen Egan
  • Kathleen Rosen
  • Kathy Fredrick
  • Kiron Gurnani
  • Kris Fondran (Jn Karunadhara)
  • Linus Riesnert
  • Lynn O'Brien & Mark Willis
  • Mark & Robin Johnson
  • Martha J Loughridge
  • Mary Jo Lackamp
  • Mary Zenisek
  • Nityam Short & Family (4)
  • Peter R. Griesinger
  • Sharon Hubbard
  • Sheila Friedman
  • Shubhada Pendse
  • Susan Gundersen
  • Susan Zull
  • Swami Atmarupa
  • Sn Atmadarshan
  • Thomas Hausman/Hausman Foundation
  • Jn Nityatara
  • Anonymous

Become One Bead on Our Mala of Donors

One small bead can do very little.  String together 108 beads and you have something precious—a mala!  Using a mala, we repeat our mantra, creating union with our guru or our higher Self.  It can give us a sense of peace and serenity, connection and commitment.  It sustains us.
The Yoga Academy of North America is searching for 108 individuals who are ready to create a mala of stability that will help sustain the work that we are doing.  You will be one of the beads!
Please make a monthly sustaining donation to YANA.  Give as little as $9 per month ($108/year) or as much as $84 per month ($1008/year) and know that you are making a difference in people’s lives.

Friends of YANA ($1 - $99)

The Yoga Academy of North America is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.
Your donation is fully tax-deductable.  You will receive confirmation for tax purposes along with a big Thank You!
  • Chrisse France
  • Julien Theophile (Sn Adhyatma)
  • Margaret Bakale
  • Maureen Harrington
  • Shannon Egna